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Finally a Simple Tool Can Help You Massively Boost Conversions By Up to 375%

Make Any WP Page Into a Personalised Landing Page Instantly

You Have 15 Seconds To Grab Visitors Attention

In an Over Communicated World It's Super Hard To Get Attention

No matter what kind of site you are running if you don't engage your visitors and/or convert your visitors into sales you are in trouble.


The problem is... we live in the most over-communicated times in our history so getting someone's attention today is very difficult

...For Your Pages To Stand Out

Personalisation & Split Testing Works...

Proved Through Millions of Dollars of Advertising spend

Hi I'm David Cassar,

I spent 10+ years as a PPC pro & run millions of dollars of paid traffic campaigns for 1000's of businesses including Fortune 500 companies. Now it's no secret that the following 2 things work.

  • Split Testing Works
  • Personalised Pages Work

Those 2 things are absolutely proven to work across every industry & niche.

But, Doing This in WordPress Is Not So Easy...

You Have To Duplicate & Edit Pages One By One

+ Unless You De-Index These Pages You Risk a Google Penalty

Duplicating & editing pages in WordPress one by one is very time consuming.

The bigger problem however is if pages on your site are too similar then then you are at risk of getting a Google duplicate content pentalty.

So for every page you make you also have to de-index.


This process gets tedious the more pages you need to create & the more keywords you need to target

This Kills Loads of Time So Most Don't Do It

The More Keywords You are Targeting The Bigger The Workload

Trying to personalize pages or create more than one split test page soon eats up your time.


In Wordpress this means duplicating and editing pages individually and them de-indexing each page


Even if you have a small campaign of lets say a dozen keywords, you'll find yourself editing for hours at a time.


So whatever you gain on conversions you lose in terms of time.

Till Now There Was No Fast & Easy Way To Do This On Any Pages Built In WordPress

Yet, Experts Use These Methods to Raise Conversions

So We Fixed This For You...

WP Conversion Boost is The Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Personalised & Split Test Pages

Edit Any Wordpress Page Once & Make Unlimited Pages in Seconds

Simply Enable Plugin & Replace The Keywords You Wish To Change On Page With A Shortcode...

Then Edit The Page URL to Create Unlimited Page Variants

Simply edit the default words you set-up in your shortcode... you'll find these in the page URL and replace these to replace the keywords on the page & presto - your page will now show the keywords of your choice

You Can Even Make Personalised Landing Pages For Your Email Subscribers...

Simply Insert Your Email Fields In Your URL

If you use high qaulity autoresponders such as: you can replace the default words in your URL with your email fields to create a unique experience for every customer.


This makes your campaigns stand out and creates a pattern interrupt in the visitors mind. Nothing more impressive than seeing a personalised page if you are a visitor. You can add as many fields as you autoresponders has stored for you, such as first name, surname, city, state & country.

Get These Huge Marketing Advantages Instantly...

Increase Conversions

By creating keyword relevant landing pages you are much more likely to increase on page time as the page is highly relevant to the visitors search / needs.

Build Lists Faster

By adding personalization to your optins you are much more likely to get subscribers. Familiarity & comfort are key criteria in our decision making.

Increase Visitor Spend

By using personalized landing pages you can draw attention to the products they have bought +  make bespoke landing pages that mention these.

Boost Engagement

By using attention grabbing pages pages that interrupt normal behavior. Visitors simply see something different & unusual & stay longer on page.

This is an "Insane Conversion Trick" 

Says Jeremy Smith - Conversion Expert

Jeremy Smith of jeremysaid.com said that personalization as a conversion method is simply "insane".

Businesses Like Ebay, Disney & HP Use Personalizatin

It's the #1 Strategy They Use To Boost Engagement & Sales

Huge corporations like Ebay Disney HP & Kodak with their massive marketing budgets have been getting significantly better results through personalization.


Personalization is a way of customizing your landing pages or optins so they carry a 'more personal' message to the visitor.


This could be as simple as adding what product they purchased, how they arrived on your page, what keyword they searched for, what their interests are.


In fact you can add any personal information you like



Top Agencies Say It's Up To 375% More Effective

This Method is So Big That it Actually has It's Own Marketing Term

Almost every agency worth a dime is using personalization for their clients...


The marketing term for this is PURL marketing (Personalized URL). If you Google it you'll find agencies that specialize in this.


Top agency EasyPURL looks after 1500 companies & has run over 200,000 campaigns achieving up to 375% better results for their clients using personalization.


Personalization is considered as the #1 strategy & is by far one of the most effective ways to drive more engagement, better conversions & sales.

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Charge Just 1 Client & You're In Profit...

We Literally Doubled Our Conversions on This Advertising Campaign...

& Reduced The Cost Per Conversion At The Same Time

In this case study we created a keyword campaign in Google Adwords for a selection of well researched keywords.


We firstly run all the traffic to one standard landing page & then created personalized landing pages for each the keywords using WP Conversion Boost.


As you can see from the screener, we almost doubled our conversions using the personalized landing pages.

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